…a once in a lifetime experience
and the signal for 50 years of TaKeTiNa®









a UNIQUE way to enter 2020!

Bringing together TaKeTiNa®, Ritmo®, Kokoro Yoga®, Unbeatable Mind® and sound meditation with visualisations, this program bridges advanced rhythm experience with new forms of fitness training for body, mind and spirit.

 UNIQUE teaches you the most powerful skill for humans in our time:

inner visualisation, accompanied by sound meditation and breathing exercises. It connects martial art, rhythm training, drumming, healing, and so much more to inspire your life enabling you to manifest, what you always have been dreaming about.


UNIQUE begins with a big bang: performances, inspirational lecture-experiences and guided meditations will help to manifest the passion, and clarify the direction needed to go through the experiences offered in the UNIQUE event.

The day ends with celebrating the transition into 2020 with dancing, great food, champagne and entertainment.


DAYS 2 & 3


During day 2 & 3 there will 30 hours nonstop action, always offering two modalities simultaneous. Within this, you can craft your personal journey by choosing the right modality for you at any given time. In several occasions everyone will come together into one activity, uniting all the resources of the different modalities.



The last hours of day 4 will provide you with a powerful integration and the possibility to express new visions and inspirations.


Mark Divine ::: Founder of Unbeatable Mind and Kokoro Yoga, Bestselling Author

is a master to guide you into deep love and respect for yourself and others. He also will help you to transcend and expand limits and feed the „courage wolves“ instead of the „fear wolves“. UNIQUE offers you the only possibility to train mentally (and with some volunteers also physically) with an actual NavySeal Commander.


Reinhard Flatischler ::: Founder of TaKeTiNa, MegaDrums and Waves Project

is a popstar of the international percussion scene. Media called him „ambassador of the world language rhythm“. In his MegaDrums and Waves project, he composed for and played with some of the best musicians of our time. Flatischler’s books and CDs are bestsellers and have won several awards.


Tupac Mantilla ::: Percussionist, Grammy Nominee and Founder of R.I.T.M.O.

is a internationally acclaimed Grammy® Nominee and as a percussionist and drummer one of the most versatile and creative upcoming artists of his generation. His work as a performer and educator includes appearances in venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Harvard University, Stanford University, among many others. Tupac is founder and developer of the brand new R.I.T.M.O method, which connects polyrhythmic body percussion with creative group interplay.


Catherine Divine ::: Co-Founder of Kokoro Yoga

is a powerful woman in the realm of mental and physical fitness. She is co-developer of Kokoro Yoga after immersing herself for many years into different yoga practices in India.


Anna-Maria Weber ::: Flutist and TaKeTiNa Teacher

is a concert flutist with the ability to improvise out of the moment, bringing in the timbre of various flutes, using unusual scales to response to ancient sound instruments and gongs. Anna-Maria is a certified TaKeTiNa instructor and will be part of the TaKeTiNa journeys led by Reinhard Flatischler.


Dorint Hotel Oberursel (Frankfurt)






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