Power of Rhythm Projects

In all of Reinhard Flatischler’s projects the Power of Rhythm is the motor for revealing profound healing processes and in-depth learning experiences – for inspiring performances and eye opening lectures – for a dramatic increase in your physical, emotional and mental capacity and for the exploration of new horizons in human consciousness.

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TaKeTiNa is one of the most effective learning methods of our time. It is used worldwide in music education, performance, therapy, and personal development.


MegaDrums is a global music project, combining the artistry of some of the finest musicians of our time. Shifting from predetermination to spontaneity is an important characteristic of the MegaDrums concept.


The compositions represent a new style of orchestral music – Symphonic Polyrhythm. When polyrhythmic structures come together with melodic and harmonic progressions and unique percussion sounds, TAKETINA SYMPHONIC comes to life.


Since 1989, Reinhard Flatischler has been researching the effects of TaKeTiNa on the human psyche and physiology. Soon, the research activities grew into a remarkable research project with well-known physicians and scientists.


While therapists and physicians use TaKeTiNa in their practice, a training course in TaKeTiNa rhythm therapy is offered for people in healing professions, thus empowering them to integrate the beneficial effect of rhythm and sound directly into their therapeutic work.

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