Bruce Lipton on The Power of Rhythm Podcast

Dr. Bruce Lipton revolutionized biology.

He has come up with the idea that your own beliefs can change the way your DNA acts in your life. He applied this science to his personal biology and improved not only his physical well-being, but also the quality and character of his daily life.

Join us in this revealing talk where we address the following topics:

– What is stem cell biology and what did Bruce discover?
– How the children’s minds are programmed
– Music for a shift in consciousness
– Stress as the main cause of 90% of illness
– Chaos phases in rhythm and in biology

“We are not victims of our genetics. We are creating our genetic activity by consciousness. So, if you change your consciousness, you change your life. That’s the game.

– Bruce Lipton

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Transcript of this Episode

My guest today needs no introduction. Dr. Bruce Lipton has really revolutionized biology. He has actually come up with the idea that your own beliefs can change the way your DNA acts in your life. He has debunked the central dogma that wants you to believe that you are a slave to your genes which you, of course, are not. Bruce is a biologist and a best-selling author of many books. Amongst them, Biology of Belief, Honeymoon Effect and The Wisdom of Your Cells, books I highly recommend to you.

For me, Bruce is a liberator, because he has empowered countless people around the globe to become masters of their own lives.

Welcome Bruce!

Oh Reinhard! Guten Tag mein Freund. I’m so happy to be here with you because your information is vital to understanding how we’re going to evolve into the future. We’ve always been programmed with the belief that the Universe is made out of matter and energy as two separate things. And quantum physics says, “no they’re both the same, it’s all energy.” And all of a sudden you say, well if it’s energy, then that’s vibration.” I go, “of course that’s what energy is.” So you want to work with the world, we always tend to work with the physical part of the world. No, quantum physics tells you that it’s all vibration. You want to change the world, you change it with vibration, which is consciousness and our ability to make sound.

We will talk about sound and rhythms today but first please can you introduce a little bit: stem cell biologist, that’s what you are. What did you discover as a stem cell biologist?

Well, first let’s say what a stem cell is because everybody’s heard the word but let me tell you what it is. When you look in the mirror and see yourself as a single entity, I say that’s an illusion because you’re actually made out of 50 trillion cells. So we are actually a community of cells. We’re not a single entity, we’re a community. And out of the 50 trillion cells, every minute we start to lose like a million cells are dying. The blood cells are dying, the hair cells, the skin cells, all this. I say yeah, but if they’re dying they lose billions of cells a day. I mean, if you lose billions of cells a day how many days can you go before you are dead? But we’re still here all the time and it turns out because in the 50 trillion cells there’s a population of special cells called stem cells, which is another word for embryonic cell. In fact, before you were born, the cell was called an embryonic cell and the moment you’re born that cell is now called stem cells.

So they can become anything in the body and I cloned them. What is cloning? I put one cell in a petri dish by itself and it divides every ten hours. So, first there’s one, then there’s two, then there’s four, then there’s eight, and after a week, thirty thousand cells in the petri dish. What’s unique about it is that they’re all genetically identical to the first cell that went in. So I have thirty thousand genetically identical cells. I split those cells into three different petri dishes. So, all the dishes have genetically identical cells, but I change the chemistry of the culture medium, that’s what we grow cells in, that’s the environment. To change the chemistry of the environment? Yes, but now let me help by just adding this most important fact. Culture medium is the laboratory version of blood. So if I’m going to grow human cells I say what’s human blood made out of and I make culture medium based on that chemistry. If I grow mouse cells, I make environmental culture medium based on mouse blood chemistry. But since I make culture medium, I changed the chemistry a little bit. So I have three dishes, all the cells are genetically the same, but I have three different environments by three different culture media chemicals. So three different culture media: in one dish the cells form muscle. In the second dish the cells form bone, and the third dish the cells form fat cells. They were all genetically identical, so what made the difference to go to muscle or bone or fat? What controls that? The culture medium controls that. That is what the experiment showed. Different culture medium, different fate. The genes didn’t control this. They’re all the same genes. So they had different fate, it wasn’t the genes.

Now we come back to the human. I’m talking about cells in a plastic dish and the culture medium being the equivalent of blood. But the stem cells are in your body. You’re a skin covered petri dish. You got 50 trillion cells inside the skin dish that you have, but you have the original culture medium: the blood. The chemistry of the culture medium controls the genetics. It doesn’t make a difference if the cell is in a plastic dish or the cell is in a skin dish. It’s still controlled. The genetics are controlled by the culture medium, the blood. Well, if the chemistry of the blood controls the fate of the cells, what controls the chemistry? We’re going to take two steps here and then I hope it blows your mind because the brain is the chemist that puts the chemistry into the blood. Now comes the last and biggest question. What chemistry should the brain put into the blood? Here goes the answer: whatever picture you have in your mind, the brain translates the picture into complementary chemistry. So if you have a picture of love in your mind, you release beautiful chemicals of love: dopamine, pleasure, oxytocin, bonding, growth hormone. When people fall in love, the chemistry of the blood and love has growth hormone and they glow, and they’re healthy, and they’re happy when they fall in love. That’s the chemistry of love. If you have fear, that’s a different picture.

Then you get cortisol, right?

That’s it. You put in the stress hormones, you put in things that affect the immune system. That’s a different biology. Now it comes down to the most important. The picture you hold in your mind controls your genetics and your behavior. If you live in fear then your body is going to be built for fear and that’s not very healthy at all.

Let me understand it. You said there are 50 trillion cells that we are comprised and millions die every moment. That means that we are inventing ourselves, we are renewing ourselves by the day, would you say? Or by the week, right?

By the minute!

Isn’t that a wonderful opportunity to create new history in our life?

Right, because the environment that the cells are born into is the blood environment. What’s the chemistry at that cell when you’re born into the blood environment? The chemistry is whatever the picture is. If you’re in love you got a different chemistry. So the cells are always responding to the chemistry but the chemistry is always responding to the consciousness. As you change your consciousness, you change your chemistry. The best scientific example of that is called placebo effect.

A person is sick and wants to get well. The doctor says that he has got the brand new pill, the newest pill. The patient takes the pill and gets better. And then they go back and they say that it was a sugar pill, a placebo.

Stop right there. What made the person get better? Not the sugar pill… that doesn’t do it. So what was it? The belief in the sugar pill. Yep, belief controls. Everyone goes “oh yeah placebo.” Positive thinking about medicine gives you a positive health. I say, what about negative beliefs? They only talk placebo positively. Negative belief is equally powerful and controlling your biology but in a different direction. A positive belief gives you health, a negative belief can cause any disease in the world. You can get cancer from a negative belief. That’s basically what it is.

This becomes powerful though. The conclusion is simple, Reinhard: we are not victims of our genetics. We are creating our genetic activity by the consciousness. You change your consciousness, you change your life. That’s the game.

How cool, how powerful that message is!

Now let’s go back to the very beginning. I’m very very thrilled when I came about your discovery that children, up to the age of seven, are merely recording behind the so-called theta state, right? The theta brainwave state, that’s about imagination. Now, what would you, as a biologist, think what would be the right way of bringing music and rhythm into the children’s life in a proper way?

Okay, let’s step back for one second, because the point you brought up is a very important point. If I say consciousness is creating your life and then I ask you how’s your life, and you say it’s not working so good, and I tell you that consciousness is controlling, you say “no, no I’m a victim, I want to be healthy and positive.

The first thing that we have to understand, and what you just brought up is that the mind controls the genes. Yes, but I said there are two minds. One mind is called the conscious mind, that’s the latest evolution. It’s right behind your forehead. A piece of brain where you have a personal identity, that’s your place.

Is this the prefrontal neocortex, right?

Yeah it’s a lobe just right behind your forehead. It’s where the spirit, the consciousness, the identity of that individual lies. But the other part of the brain was the biggest part, in the back of the head, is called subconscious. That means below conscious. So let me explain.

The brain is a computer. It’s the best computer we’ve ever known. But it’s the same as a computer. Let’s go to the store right now, and buy a brand new computer. I bring it right here in front of you, I plug it in, I push start and it boots up. The screen lights up. I say, okay let’s do something, let’s make a drawing, let’s write something. No, you can’t do it. I mean, it’s a brand new computer. You can’t use the computer until you first put a program into the computer. Then you can use the program. You buy a brand new computer, you put a Word or a web surfing program and then you can use a computer.

A child’s brain is a computer but a child cannot use this computer until the programs are put in. A child just can’t create from nothing. It has to have programs, then it creates. As you mentioned, the first seven years of a child’s life, the brain is operating not at a creative vibration, it’s at a lower energy level. A vibration lower, and this is called theta, as you brought up. Theta’s imagination. When children have a tea party, they pour nothing into the cup, they drink nothing, and they say that was the best tea I ever had. That’s imagination. Or a broom is a horse. When the child’s riding that broom, it’s not a broom in that child’s mind. It’s an imagination, it’s a horse.

That’s what a child’s life is like for the first seven years. Theta is hypnosis. If you want to put a program in a subconscious, you have to go into theta and then whatever was coming in, doesn’t go into the conscious mind, it goes into the subconscious mind. So for seven years we are being programmed and after age seven then the conscious brain kicks in. Now we’re the typer and we can type what we want on the computer. And you can add something to the program or you can change the program you’ve got. But you first need to have the program to get going.

So why is it relevant?

The answer is this: the subconscious mind, the programmed mind, is what is running your life 95% of the day. You think, “Oh, I’m going out there and I’m going to create love and happiness, and health. I’m going to create all these conscious wishes.” Consciousness, wishes, desires…But when you’re thinking -and this is the monkey wrench, the wrench that breaks the machine- when you were thinking, consciousness is not looking out. Consciousness is looking in. A thought is inside. What if you’re driving the car and all of a sudden you’re thinking? Your conscious mind is not looking out the window. Your conscious mind is back in the subconscious thinking. But will I crash the car?

Subconscious is autopilot. When the conscious is busy the subconscious takes over. What does the subconscious do? It has programs. It’ll play just whatever the program was. Okay? So, why?

If we have some bad programs, which most of us have, it turns out 95% of the day is the amount that we think. So if I’m thinking 95% of the day, then my life is not coming from wishes and desires. It’s coming from programs. If the program is negative, then 95% of the day I will create a negative behavior that will affect me. So this is the whole issue in a nutshell, Reinhard. The whole thing is this: are you living the life that your conscious wishes and desires want to have? Or, are you living the life your program gave you? The answer is we’re living the program.

This is a very hard thing for people because their conscious mind is saying they want to be healthy, they want to be in love, they want to have wonderful jobs. And what’s the subconscious saying? “Not good enough, not smart enough, who do you think you are?” That’s the programs that kids get.

I think it’s very important that, if possible, we give the best possible programming to the kids.

Let me see if this is correct: people always come up and say, “oh Reinhard, can we do TaKeTiNa with kids and so?” I say to leave the kids alone. Do something very exciting, let the kids be around and let them find their way. Give them the good experience, the good programming. They hear the rhythm, they feel free, they feel kept. Not like, “you have to do this, you have to do that.”

That’s where the subconscious program is: “You have to do this.” Maybe that wasn’t a good idea to do that, but the child just got the program and will do it. And if it’s negative, then the child will, unconscious, not unconscious, subconscious, play a negative program. Will they see it?

This is where the problem comes from. Let me give a quick story, the same story I tell people for 30 years. You have a friend. You happen you know your friend’s parent and one day you see your friend has the same behavior that the parent has. So you tell your friend, “Bill, you’re just like your father.” The first thing Bill’s going to say is, “How can you compare me to my father? I’m nothing like my father.” Everyone else can see that Bill does his father’s behavior every day. Who doesn’t see it? Bill.

How can’t Bill see it if he’s doing the behavior? Because he’s thinking 95 % of the day. He’s not looking out at saying, “what behavior am I doing?” He’s thinking, the program is playing and if it’s a good program you go uphill, and if it’s a bad program you go downhill. You don’t even see your own behavior and therefore when something goes wrong we blame it on this or that, we blame that person, blame this… No, you created this. If we take responsibility, then we can change that creation. When people say they are a victim, that’s when they give up.

So wouldn’t it be best for any kind of therapy, healing, music therapy, to first of all get recognition that there is a program running and then helping people to transmute this program into a positive way?

That’s exactly what we’re being called on the planet. That’s what human civilization is like. Our behavior is so bad as humans that we’re destroying the environment we live in. We come from the environment. If you destroy the environment we can’t be here and then. Who’s killing the environment? We’re killing it. This is science.

Why is it important? Because as you just brought up, if you see you’re doing something that’s self-destructive, you’re the only one that can change that behavior because you have to recognize “oh my god, I’m doing this.” And we let everybody believe they’re victims. So everybody goes “oh, I’m not and it all happened to me.” “I’m a perfect beautiful person, all those evil people ruined my life.”

No, they didn’t. It was your invisible behavior. And this is why your point is most important. If I’m programming a child I don’t want to program negative disempowering belief. When a child is screaming in the store because there’s a toy and he wants the toy, and the parents want to go out, they don’t want to deal with it, and the kid’s crying, and the parent says “you don’t deserve that toy.” If the child is under seven, if that’s recorded, what program did the child just get under seven? “I do not deserve.” Then, the last thing I should add to this, because it will fill in this blank, is this: the function of the mind is to create what we call coherence between your belief and your reality. If my belief is “I do not deserve”, because that’s what the program says, then my behavior will sabotage everything. Why? Because at the end of the day then I’ll say “yes, I don’t deserve, see it’s true now.” Because the brain will take the program and turn it into reality. If you have a positive program then you turn into a positive life. If you get a negative program you will sabotage your life,

And as long as you don’t know that it’s a program, you will defend this program, and put this program in place, and lift this program. So to get people out of the program is pretty important.

You can’t recover your life if you’re working under other people’s programs. Remember the programs that you got in the first seven years did not come from you. They came from your family and your community. And if that program says you don’t deserve then the brain, 95% of the day, will make behavior to show you you’re right, you don’t deserve. You didn’t get anything today and then you say, “but I wanted to be successful.” Yes, but that was with the conscious mind, that’s only five percent of the day. Ninety-five percent of the day is playing a program: “I do not deserve, I do not deserve.” That’s the program and behavior will sabotage everything so at the end of the day you say “yep, you see, you see, I don’t deserve it because I don’t have it.”

Bruce, since you’re here on the Power of Rhythm Podcast, music and sound are very powerful healing tools. I found a quote of you that I want to put here now about music. I quote you: “knowing that everything is vibration it is obvious that music affects us deeply especially because we listen with every cell of our body.”

That’s very interesting.

It’s not just interesting, Reinhard. You know this is fundamentally most important insight to make. The cells live in harmony then I got to play them harmony from my mind. If I play disharmony from my mind then I get disease. Disease, disharmony. Health, harmony. I have 50 trillion cells that are listening to my consciousness. If I tell them all the time you’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough, you don’t deserve, if you’re a child and you hear that every day, what kind of life are you gonna have?

If every day I’m telling 50 trillion cells that are listening to me you’re not smart enough, you don’t deserve and all of that, it breaks the community. The community is not in harmony. Now we’re talking about vibration again. There’s harmony and there’s disharmony. Harmony, health. Disharmony, disease.

So what do you think, is there a difference between just listening to music or engaging actively like dancing, drumming, playing…?

Yes! I’m not a musician but I want to tell you, Reinhard, I wish I was. I enjoy even watching musicians when they’re playing. They’re not even here, they’re out in a space somewhere and they’re bringing in the music of the spheres, they’re bringing in from above and bringing it into the world. When I watch them I know they’re having a great time. I know that they’re experiencing what they’re playing and I wish I could push a button and say, “okay Bruce, play some music in yourself now.” I can listen to it so that’s my alternative.

You have a wonderful cd out that’s called Music for a Shift in Consciousness and it’s together with Russell Walder. I would like to play a little tiny bit of Inescapable Brightness that you created in this music and then we can talk about what this music can do.

Music for a Shift in Consciousness sounds

I’m so curious… what inspired you both to do this album, and how did it come together?

This music slows, quiets you, put you in a peaceful place, it lowers the vibration of the brain. The higher the vibration, the more active you become. But when you lower the vibration it calms everything down, and it’s very interesting because let’s say you’re in a military and you’re in a battle. I say, let’s wake up in the morning and let’s play this music. I don’t think that would activate a soldier. Because military music is the opposite.

Your whole career is based on understanding this. This is why the we put out the cd. I didn’t play the music, Russell Walder played the music. I motivated to do it. Because there’s a scientific reason. The music you are playing brings the vibration of the brain down to a quiet more peaceful level and this is what when you really love music, you’re not here yourself. Your mind is gone out there in the world, to whatever visual pictures, whatever feelings are generated by the vibration. As I said, I could play the military vibration but that’s not going to cost you to calm down, that’s going to make you get that gun and let’s go out to do something. Because everything is based on vibration. There’s harmony and there’s disharmony. There’s music and there’s noise. What am I explaining to you? You’re the master behind all this stuff, Reinhard!

It’s so so interesting to have you there and the biologists talking about all of this.

This was so thrilling… You came out of a sound shower with someone and you both were talking about the natural healing and the chemistry you could put into your body. And you said like 89% of the chemical is then transferred into heat, so it’s kind of wasted energy. There’s a very interesting thing. When we did research about TaKeTiNa and how it affects the people, we measured heart rate variability, that means how the vagus nerve is activated. And in this, there is a neurotransmitter involved that’s called acetylcholine. So if you would kind of supplement acetylcholine, it would immediately disperse, it would not do anything. But with rhythm you can generate acetylcholine and stimulate the vagus nerve. And you said that 98% goes really direct, if you have a vibrational way. Nothing is wasted.

Right. A chemical reaction, even when you went to school you took a chemistry lab, all chemistry labs almost have the same thing, you put two chemicals in a test tube and you hold that test over you feel it gets hot. Therefore what we call the chemistry of reaction. It gives off heat. By physics, what is heat? It’s called dissipated, wasted energy. So when two molecules come together and you feel the heat in the test tube, it’s because the energy of the molecules is given off as heat. It’s not usable, it’s just wasted energy. So a chemical reaction generates heat which means in that reaction you just wasted a lot of energy because it’s burned up. But when you do vibration, there’s no heat generator. A drug is a chemical. It’s a sending a signal. You take the drug and 98% of the energy of the drug is not signal, it’s now wasted when you took it. That was the heat that came from taking it. But if you take a vibration, it will activate the target without giving off heat. So with a drug, one percent, two percent of its energy goes into making change. The rest is wasted heat.

But vibration is 100 transport, no heat.

Bruce, we are talking about this in a time where they want to mandate everyone to get the vaccine. It’s so amazing that we have moved so far away from natural healing. But so many people now wake up and say, wait a minute, something is not right, let me check that out. I’ve never seen more people interested in natural healing, in making sense out of everything.

Well and the problem is that people are afraid, and the media is making them afraid. They say everybody’s gonna die, you’re gonna die.

No, it’s a small percentage. 99.98 % of covid patients live through this with no problem. The small percent gets sick but they then broadcast that everybody can get sick. No, no, only a small percent is going to get sick. Who are they? These people are already what they say compromised. They have illnesses that are already challenging them. They’re overweight, they’re under stress, they have cardiac issues, they have diabetes…Well then, these aren’t healthy people, because their immune system is trying to keep up with their lifestyle, which is not good, and the immune system is always trying to fix it. Then you get the covid virus and, how much of the immune system can work on the covid virus? Well, the immune system is kind of busy. It’s trying to keep you alive now. So it doesn’t fight the covid virus very well.

And isn’t it that cortisol and all the stress hormones are shutting down the immune system?

Right, yes. This is the other part. When you scare somebody you’ve already challenged their immune system. Why? Let me give it because it’s a simple understanding.

You’re being chased by a saber-tooth tiger. You you need energy to survive, you have to run. Where’s the energy going to go? Well, energy’s in the blood, that’s what carries the energy.

When the stress hormones come in because the tiger is chasing you it does several things. It shuts off the blood flow to the gut, the viscera, that’s all the organs: pancreas, stomach, intestines…It shuts off the blood supply. Why? Because I don’t need to fix and maintain the body if the tiger is going to catch me. That’s a waste of my energy. I want all the energy go to my arms and legs to escape. Stress hormones shut off the mechanism of the viscera, the growth and maintenance of the body while you’re being chased. What else? And here comes the one that you were bringing up. When we’re really sick, we don’t have a lot of energy to even get out of bed because the immune system uses a lot of energy to keep you healthy. I’m being chased by a tiger and I have a bacterial infection, so I’m putting energy in to run away and putting energy into the infection. Why do you worry about the infection? Because if the tiger catches you the infection is not a problem anymore, you’re done. So the this is the point you brought up and this is the most important point for the audience to understand. Stress hormones shut off the immune system so that the energy can be used to run away from the tiger before being used to fight the bacteria. And this is the most important understanding because stress is the cause of over 90 percent of illness on this planet. Everyone thinks genes are causing the illness. Less than one percent of illness is connected to genes. Ninety percent of illness is stress because when you put the stress hormones in, what do they do? They shut off the maintenance of the body. They shut off the immune system and they even shut off the intelligence.

What does it mean that they shut off the intelligence? If the conscious brain, the one up in the front that’s connected to you, your person, is a slow processor, like a slow computer.

The subconscious is like a super fast computer. If you’re being chased by a tiger it’s not the time to think. You just run. And so the stress hormones shut down the blood vessels in the forebrain where the consciousness is, pushes the blood with the energy to the hindbrain, where reflexes and reaction are. No thinking because thinking is slow. So then stress hormones do three things:

number one, they shut off the growth and maintenance of the body. Number two, they shut down the immune system which protects you from internal problem. And number three, they make you less intelligent. Look at the world today. The stress levels are overriding. As I said, 90% of illness is straight stress, not genetics. It’s lifestyle, it’s the fear, it’s not living in harmony. They don’t have enough good music to bring harmony into their world. They’re on edge and that automatically compromises your health.

Yes, and indeed actually what we are doing with rhythm music is helping the people to go away from stress completely, and also from fear. To become resilient against fear because it’s always one day in, one day out. Now there’s another fear, and another fear, and another fear. And getting the people out of thinking, out of this kind of stress, immediately brings them in a different environment.

You made a great quote that really caught my attention. I want to quote this and I want to hear from you what you mean: “Crisis is evolution.” That sounds so cool.

We’re in it right now. So it should be very important to us. What is crisis? It means that it’s not working, that we’re in a threat, it’s not working. So what does it mean? Well, it’s because you go in this direction and you get stressed. What do you think you have to do? You hit the wall!

You have to now move in a different direction. Aha! That’s evolution. Where we change the pattern because the pattern is causing the problem. You have to change the life pattern to move out of the problem. So, crisis is what causes us to make a change, and the world is in a total crisis right now. Crisis with people, a crisis with covid, and human behaviors destroying the beautiful garden that we came from. We are nature, we’re not above nature. A lot of people think that God put people on the planet after nature was here so we’re separate from nature. No, we came from nature. Why is it relevant? If you destroy nature you destroy us because we are an expression of nature. Human behavior is destroying the environment. This is why we’re facing extinction right now. And if there’s the humans it’s very simple. You want to survive? Well, you’ve got to change your behavior because your behavior is causing the problem. And this is the fact of science. Humans are creating their own extinction by the behavior they’re expressing. Well that’s the wall. We got to change our behavior and this is what nature is asking us to do. Then thank god there are people like you that say there are tools, there are ways of engaging in this world that will make more harmony. And harmony is health. Crisis of health is all over the planet. In the US they got the most money spend on health and they got some of the worst health outcomes. What does it mean? The amount of money you put into health doesn’t mean you get any healthier at all. It’s the wrong direction. And this is why I’m here with you right now this is why your work is so important.

I have to I have to change my life from noise into harmony.

Yes and I think also the focus constantly on the just the matter, not the spirit. You have such a nice quote also: “The universe is immaterial, it is mental and spiritual.”

That is the quote I want people to know. Let me say it again: “The universe is immaterial.” That means not physical and this is from quantum physics, the most valid science on the planet. It says: “The universe is immaterial, it’s mental and spiritual.” From day one in quantum physics, Max Planck, the one of the founding fathers of quantum physics, said “the mind is the matrix of all matter.” What does that mean? The mind is creating this. The universe is immaterial, it’s energy, but it’s shaped by the consciousness and the spirituality that we have. If the world is looking bad then you don’t go out and change the world, first you’re going to change the consciousness because that’s what’s creating the world that we’re in.

And actually I think the negative programs we have recorded till the age of seven, then are making us so susceptible to fear. It is so easy, when you have this program, to just submit.

Remember, the chemicals of fear shut off your thinking. So you are submitting only because you’re not thinking. I just said whatever he said or whatever she said. I’m not thinking, I’ll just do what they say. And people think corona virus is lethal because they’ve been programmed to think that this is a lethal virus. There’s not a lethal virus. 99.98% of the people recover with no problem from this. It’s only lethal if a person isn’t healthy. So we’re not telling people to get healthy; that would be how you get people back together again. We’re just telling them to be afraid. What is it when you’re telling me to be afraid? what does that mean? Stop thinking. Why? Because when you’re afraid you just respond, react, you don’t think. And so the world is not thinking its way into a problem that’s destroying.

Now this is an important point, Reinhard, because there’s Bruce Lipton has two lives. Bruce Lipton, the guy who lives in the house, and that goes to the store, and all that stuff. And Bruce Lipton the scientist. What’s the difference? Bruce Lipton a scientist knows that from science, we are facing our own extinction because of our own human behavior. Bruce Lipton as a scientist also knows this: if you want to create a world that we can live in, and sustain ourselves, and be healthy, we have to change our behavior because our behavior is causing a problem. So I also know what does this mean: the structure has to break to build a better structure, a new civilization, because the foundation of this civilization is creating all the problems. It’s the culture, and the way we live with fear and hate, and violence, and all that. A garden, which we came from, a garden is the height of cooperation. And we live in the height of war, violence, and all this stuff. We live in competition and the idea is this: the belief system of this civilization, the fear, the competition, the war, all that stuff, that’s part of our creation because we’re creating these physics. If you want to change the world you got to change the creation. We have to break this structure because the structure is perpetuating the problem.

It has to go into a chaos phase, it has to breakdown.

That’s right. The science Bruce goes, “yep, it has to break down” because that’s how we’re going to build a new one. Then Bruce, the guy who lives here, says “what a mess there’s, these are crazy mess, it’s scary, I’m living a crazy mess…” But then Bruce Lipton science comes in and says: “You have to do this because the way you have been living is causing the problem. You have to change”

And that’s easy to say, but if you’re out there in the world as a working person and everything, and you have to experience as it’s falling apart….

That scares people, stress hormones, stop thinking and listen to whatever they said on the tv or the web. Don’t think, shut down your health. Why? Because I’m running from that tiger because that I am scared. And the point is then the health issues got worse just watching the news. You walk away with the stress hormones coming in. All of a sudden made your system worse because the stress hormones are going to compromise you.

Breaking down for some people might sound really scary. So I want to bring in something that I see every day. Actually people come in into the rhythm, they do the steps, the claps, and they come in with their thoughts and with their intentions, like war. What helps them to get in the rhythm? To get into a chaos phase. That means, they lose it, they find it on a deeper level. So it breaks down. And again they start to struggle, so you break it again with a chaos phase, and then they come even in a deeper flow of rhythm. So then they come all of a sudden in a rhythm they did never believe they had. Just in a rhythmic flow out of its own accord.

Chaos phase… what does that mean in biology?

Well, the chaos phase means this:  there’s a breakdown of the order. There’s something you’re so familiar with it’s called cymatics. You get like a skin tight or a plate and you sprinkle sand on it. Underneath you have a speaker and you play a vibration. It causes the drum skin to bounce a little bit and the sand grains jump up in the air and then they fall down, and they jump up in the air and they fall down, but it turns out each frequency has a unique pattern of sand grains. When you change the frequency, the pattern goes to a different pattern of sand grains. So here’s the pattern of frequency x and then is the sand grains pattern of frequency y. They go from one pattern to another pattern. What they don’t show is between pattern A and between pattern B. What do you think the sand grains are doing? They’re no longer pattern A and they’re not yet pattern B. They’re in a jumble we call it chaos. In other words, chaos as a breaking down of the structure to allow a new structure to form. So in this version of showing how vibrational frequency changes matter – that’s what the whole point about is –  it says if you want to go from pattern A to pattern B, you have to go through the middle where one is breaking down and one is being built.

Where are we? We’re in the chaos. The old structure which is causing the problem, the old vibration, is breaking down and we’re building a new vibration for a newer structure. So what’s important? Well, right now, as we just talked about in physics, vibration it’s important! It’s the vibration! So why is it relevant? Because right now we’re in a state of chaos where people are holding on to the old pattern, the old vibration, they don’t want to let it go. That life is ending. We have to move this way because nature is telling us that life is causing a problem, and you have to change your vibration. Well then right now we have mixed vibrations. We have the old vibration that’s coming down and we got a new vibration that’s coming up. The most important part is to let go of the old vibration because that’s causing the problem. So when you talk about bringing people into music, if they’re locked in the old vibration, they can’t really play the new music because the old vibration is giving the shape.

And on this process you built resilience which means that you lose it, you don’t give up, you stay resilient. So what is resilience in biology?

Resilience in biology is keeping your consciousness in a good place because if I change my consciousness, and I change my life, that’s what the whole thing is. What was the placebo effect? I got health from thinking I’m going to be healthy not because of the pill. Sugar pill…that didn’t do it. It’s because I thought the pill was going to make me healthy. So I have a healthy vibration.

What about what’s called nocebo? Placebo is the result of positive thinking. So what about nocebo? That’s the result of negative thinking. It causes any disease. It could cause you to die just because you believe you’re going to die. Well then we have to change the vibration that we’re dancing with here. Because the vibration we’re dancing with is self-destruction. Is that a suggestion? No, that’s a scientific fact!

We are destroying our world as a civilization. We are destroying it, not the earth. We are. You want to have a live earth? Well you got to stop playing that music baby because that’s the music or the vibration that is causing the breakdown of the system. We’re in negative vibration, nocebo vibration. Negative vibration can cause any disease. As I said, if you believe you’re going to die, if you really believe it, you will just die because belief controls it. We’ve lived in a world where it’s like Darwin: go out there and compete, and beat the other one, survival of the fittest, who’s the strongest one, who’s the weakest one, go out and fight.

That’s a battleground and nature is the height of harmony. A garden is complete cooperation of all of the elements in that garden. We came from a garden, now through competition and violence and threats and the way we’ve lived in this world, we are destroying the garden, which means ourselves, and nature is giving us a suggestion: you want to stay alive? You gotta change the music.

With all of that, isn’t that so exciting and fantastic to live in these times?

It’s a very special time! It’s interesting because all the people that are here are in what is called evolution. Everyone thinks evolution takes millions of years. That was the old version because the new version shows that evolution builds up and then some cataclysmic event drops it, and it builds up again, and another cataclysmic event drops it… These are called mass extinctions. Five of them have already occurred. The last one when the dinosaurs were here. The planet was lush tropical forest with dinosaurs and a comet, a big one, hit near Mexico. It caused the web of life to come undone. What happened? 75 percent of all living things disappeared, including the dinosaurs. That was the last mass extinction. Today we’re in mass extinction number six and scientists ask what’s causing this one. The answer is that our behavior is destroying ourselves and the environment.

In other words, when we are able to collectively change our behavior we can avoid the sixth mass extinction.

That’s the only choice we have. And it will work. Who will be left? The ones that let go of the old structure and put their life energy into building a new structure.

I use the story of a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. A caterpillar is a voracious, it eats everything. If you put a caterpillar on a plant it will eat all the leaves off the plant. When the food runs out, it goes into a chrysalis, a cocoon, and then comes out a butterfly. The butterfly has the lightest touch. Doesn’t even touch the planet. It’s flying most of the time. The caterpillar is voracious, eating up everything. Human civilization is in a caterpillar mode. We are heating up the environment, we’re destroying the environment, and everything like this.

There’s a point where we have to go into the cocoon. Why? Because you can’t live this way anymore. Here’s the issue that we just talked about. A caterpillar comes in, a butterfly comes out. But the cells of the caterpillar, which are like miniature people, when the caterpillar was eating and eating it all up, all the cells were working. The muscle cells, the digestion cells, everybody’s working. All the cells are working. When there’s no more food, well there’s no more digestion. So what about the digestion cells? They lose their job because there’s no more food. What about the muscle cells? We’re not moving anymore, there’s no place to go. And the muscles…?

The community of cells in the caterpillar break down, make a soup, a soup of cells, and then what? Here comes the important part. Some of the cells are called imaginal cells, and they have a vision of a different organization. A vision of a butterfly. So what’s happening is that the caterpillar cells are breaking down the community but the imaginal cells are taking those cells and saying “wait, we build something better, we build the butterfly.”

Civilization is destroying the planet. We can’t do it anymore. You have to go to transformation, you have to go metamorphosis, you have to change from the voracious human civilization into a civilization that has a light touch on the planet. In the cocoon some cells are breaking down, some cells are being built. Which one do you want to be with? Don’t hold on to the one breaking down because it’s going to break down. Let go of one that’s breaking down. Put your energy, your effort, your action into building the better one that was coming. And so we’re in the middle of this chaos which is coming down and being built up. Your health and your futures depended on which one of these you want to hold on to. You want to hold on to the caterpillar? You’re going to die because the caterpillar is death and the butterfly is life. And so we’re facing at this moment, with the breakdown, the jobs are being lost, the economy is crashing, the whole world is in a shaky… In this moment of shaking you have a choice. Unfortunately too many people want the old one. The old one is the problem and you gotta let go. You gotta have harmony. What’s harmony? Vibration. What’s vibration? Music! You’re creating thoughts of vibration, that’s when they put wires on your head they read called electroencephalogram. They’re reading your mind. What are they reading?Vibration. So if you change the vibration, change the mind, you get another world. And therefore vibration is the key element of quantum physics, that determines if we’re going to build something or we’re going to take something down. Depends on the vibration.

What an incredible story! Bruce, I thank you so much for being with me today. This will inspire again a lot of people and it’s very wonderful to know you.

Thank you, Reinhard!

Thank you so much for being with us my dear and for my listeners, if you enjoyed our discussion let me know what you want to hear next and for now, have a great day and keep on groovin’

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Thanks, Reinhard


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