Bernhard Schimpelsberger in The Power of Rhythm Podcast

In todays world we need more bridges, more togetherness.

Through his long years of studies in India, Bernhard aims to bring a
fresh approach to incorporating Indian rhythmic concepts into Western music.
He offers his experience to inspire a new generation of musicians: a generation of musicians for who stylistic genre pigeonholing no longer exists.

His work is driven by curiosity and respect and the desire to exchange something profound and make human encounters meaningful.

At the core of his music stands rhythm and the aim to explore the wonderful, not yet heard sound worlds that it can create.


“Change is painful, and pain is useful, it’s helpful. This also happens spiritually and musically. When you are putting yourself out there against something strong, something different, you are going to encounter all your inner demons and resistances, and also some sort of pain. And when you work through it, the healing puts you on another level.”

– Bernhard Schimpelsberger 

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Thanks, Reinhard


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