Mantak Chia, a true Grand Master of Tao, shares his knowledge about the essential things in life: extended orgasms and sublime sex, health through balancing the energy in the organs and ultimately: love, joy happiness, as he expresses the goal of his work.

Discover how our body is able to produce mind altering substances, such as DMT, and how we can balance its effect by developing the balance of a Yin and Yang body.

“You know, the first thing is that people are too much worried.
So the Tao says, first thing, turn inwardly. And the way to turn inwardly is: you close your eyes, get a smile in your eyes, lip up your mouth and smile inwardly and picture your heart – love, joy, happiness.
We have so many statues, so many churches and temples. But we don’t go into ourselves.”

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Reinhard Flatischler: Hi and welcome to episode 30 of my podcast. It is a great honor to welcome today one of the true grand masters. He has been born in Thailand and with just 6 years old, buddhist monks told him how to sit and still the mind.

Soon he was tought by an incredible number of masters such as Master Lu for Tai Chi Chuan, Master Panyu tought him to exchange Yin and Yang power between men and women and how to develop the steel body and the list goes on but it doesn’t even stop there. In order to understand mechanisms of healing energy, he studied western anatomy and medical science.

He is the creator of the Universal Healing Tao System and he has tought several hundred thousand people around the world.

Welcome Master Chia.

Mantak Chia: Hi, thank you Reinhard.

RF: Thank you so much for being here. I have followed your work for a long time. I have read a lot of your books, I have seen a lot of your videos, and it is amazing.
Now, I want to start there: So many people are now desperate with the lockdowns and so on and you have such a great method: “Forgive, forget, let go”. How can one practice that?

MC: You know, the first thing is that people are too much worried.

So the Tao says, first thing, turn inwardly. And the way to turn inwardly is: you close your eyes, get a smile in your eyes, lip up your mouth and smile inwardly and picture your heart, love, joy, happiness.
We have so many statues, so many churches and temples. But we don’t go into ourselves.

As bible says, our body is the temple of God. So the first thing the Tao talks about, very simple, very easy. You turn inwardly and you hold the image of the heart, if you believe you have a heart, that’s all.

And you believe that the heart, and every system, and every people talk about the heart love, joy, happy, peace, calm.

If you want this, go into your heart.

Because we keep on looking outside, you only see more problems, more emotional, more stress, more…, oh so many things.

So when you turn inwardly, smile to the heart, hold your hands and smile, and picture the heart and feel the love, joy, happiness coming out. If you smile to the heart you feel love, joy, happiness.

And you are ready now to go organ by organ. So the first thing is get your inside peace. Now you started to not think too much. That is a key.

RF: Yes, and the idea of smile, the inner smile, is such a great picture. Everyone can do that, right?

MC: Yes anybody, because when you are happy, you smile. Now, when you smile outside, why
don’t we smile inside?

RF: You have actually connected all the organs to different emotions. Can you explain this to our listeners?

MC: Heart – all love, joy, happiness (but also) hatred, impatience.

If you have too much hatred, impatience, haziness, you have very poor love.

But if you rise the love and not try to get rid of hatred, impatience, haziness, you rise the love to balancing with hatred, impatience, haziness.

When they find a balance, it’s ok, you don’t have to get rid of it.

The thing is that if you cannot fight your enemy, what do you do?

It’s all your enemy. Balancing it.

RF: Yes, everything is Yin Yang, right?

Yin Yang, Yin Yang. If Yin Yang is balanced, everything moves.
But if you get like: I want to be the only holy man in the world, no way.

I don’t know how many holy men we have.
In the history we have many billon people. How many holy men we have?
Try to find a balance.

You can get angry, you can hate people, but you have love to balancing it.

In the Tao it says: spleen, pancreas in the right hand side, so you smile to your spleen. Worries, anxiety and mistrust.

But if you balancing them with openness, faith and trusting anything, now you are balanced.
Harmony is the key, okay! How can we live together?

RF: Master Chia, where do you start? With which organ shall someone start?

MC: Always start with the heart, because the heart can be shinning and radiating. Always start with the heart.

If you can get love, joy, happiness, what else do you want, right?

You are attracting, you know. When you have love, joy, happiness, gratefulness, you are attracting energy.
Good energy. And even negative, you have enough positive, it balances.

The whole key is: you cannot get rid of all the bad bacteria in the Earth.
Only want to have good bacteria, is not going to grow anything. You require a PH that is balanced. The PH balanced, it’s very simple.

Why don’t we understand this simple thing?

RF: And you say that we can give the negative emotion, grounding, and to the Earth and the Earth takes it, right? We need to have this emotional compost, right?

MC: Right, the whole key is that sometimes we have too much and we have to handle. So the Tao says: if you just have to remember one simple word, “organic garbage”. Organic garbage is what you have to do. Put back to the Earth.

But people need to learn how to connecting with the Earth.

We are so floating around, we are not grounded.

So in your practice you have to learn how to simple connecting with the Earth. We are disconnecting from it. So you have to learn how to connect with the Earth and you can let go your negative emotions. And the negative emotional will be composted by the Mother Earth, and it gives back us a good energy.

All the gold, silver, diamonds come from the earth. But you ask for the heaven.
Heaven doesn’t have gold, doesn’t have diamonds. It doesn’t have it. The Earth has it.

So the Tao says, it is so simple, connect with the Earth, and the Earth gives you health and wealth and money, fortune, blessing. Earth and heaven are always connected.

So look for the Earth, and it will connect you to the heaven.

RF: So actually, all the organs have different sounds in your Tao system, right, that you can stimulate them, reach them and heal them or can clean them?

MC: Spiritual work is a technology, not a believe. In the Tao it says: every organ has a sound. Like a vibration, as this Tao is a vibration, like the heart.

This Tao has so many things. We call it the original vibration of the heart.

When the vibration in the heart gets wrong, now the heart beat gets different. It is so hot.

When we think so much, very busy, very stressed, very emotional, the heart beat is very fast.

So when you do the sound “Hhhhoooo”, you calm the heart, and now the heart goes back into a calm state.

“Hhhhooo”, like when you are very cold.

And you feel hot coming out. And that is the heat – the heart has so much fire.

RF: So you start with the kidney, which is water, right?

MC: The Tao always likes to start with the heart first, because the fire moves everything.

The fire burns, the heart fire burns creating earth. Because the ashes create earth.

And there is the spleen, pancreas and stomach . You dig the earth, you dig there and you find metal. And the metal attracts water, and it creates water and there is the kidney.

And the kidney puts on the tree the liver, and the liver grows.
And the tree grows and now when you have a tree you put on the fire, you burn to be fire and now (you have) a circle.

If you make your organs in the creation they give birth to each other and they have a relationship.

But now we have a counteract cycle. The fire melts the metal, the metal axe cuts the tree and the tree polluting the earth, the earth blocks the water.

Now, this is what the west is always talking now. Side, effect, side effect. And we are creating more counteract.

This medicine heals the heart and will hurt the lung. Or the kidney medicine will hurt the heart. Because water, kidney is water, heart is fire, if you have a lot of water, and very little fire, now the fire extinguishes the heart fire.

Now a lot of medicine in the kidney hurts the heart.

And this is the side effect that the western now have to put in the website, in the internet, tell everybody: hey if you take this one for liver, you are always gonna hurt your digestion, the spleen.

Because liver counteracts the earth. The wood counteracts the earth. So, a lot of side effects.

So in the Tao it says, if you want to change your life, it is so simple. Make sure the organs work as a team.

Each one gives birth, each one takes care of one, each one is in a creating cycle.

What do you worry about? You have all the power in your life and you can attract more money and more joy and more happiness and more people come to help.

But when you are so angry, so sick, you repel everything. You don’t have the attraction power.

RF: Master Chia, who gave you the knowledge of these sounds, where do these sounds come from? Like the “Hoooo”.

MC: The Tao Traditional (of) many thousand years. When you do the sound, you get the organ back to a much better vibration. That is the key. When you do the sound, you actually put the organ into a right vibration. And now the organ is getting better. And when you do it in a smile, in a creative cycle, now the organs are very happy and they work as a team. All the problems in the world are conflicts, internal conflicts.

Internal conflicts come from where? Come from the organs. Organs fighting each other.

RF: And you always smile into every organ, you smile?

MC: Yes, every day you have to do it. You have no way. If you are happy, if you make yourself happy, nobody can make you angry. Nobody can make you stress.
Emotional drain organ. That’s all.

RF: Absolutley. That sounds very very holistic and I think it is the future for any medicine.
Tell us about the “Dark Room Project” that you have in your Tao Gardens running. You bring the people into a dark environment for a week or so, right?

MC: Yes, actually on this saturday we start a whole dark room training.

Darkness in the universe, actually it is light. That’s all.

So the whole universe is darkness. At night there is no sun and no starts, the whole sky is dark, because the whole universe is darkness. But within darkness there is light. So the whole darkness is light. So when you go to the darkness and you are so calm, so quiet, then you see light. That’s all.

Now because light is creating us, creating the universe, creating the material, we call it dark matter and dark energy.

So, in the darkness you see light.

RF: Now, is it also a stimulation for the pineal gland? Because the pineal gland is the one that transfers melatonin to serotonin and it is also connected with the stimulation of the third eye, right?

MC: The whole key is that in darkness you are also producing melatonin. If you have enough sleep, the melatonin produced, in the day time it converts to serotonin. That’s it.

So these two chemicals we need. But in order to move to another path, we call it the 5-MeO is the vision. And that’s why many people take drugs. They see visions, they see colours, they see music. They see all kind of visions.

Or if you train about angels coming in. And now you see an angel coming in. So we call it hallucination.

RF: It is DMT, natural DMT?

MC: Not yet DMT, 5-MeO is the one to see visions. You see colours, you hear music, you think you travel, you think everything.

Now, if you, in the darkroom accumulate enough melatonin, and it turns into 5-MeO, now when you stay long enough, now it changes to DMT.

DMT is our body travel. You are travelling out.

You have a Yin body going out or a Yang body going out.

Yin body is where everybody can. You can just sit there, and illusion, and you think you do here and there, and that is the Yin body.

Yin body is very easy to get lost, very easy to capture any evil spirit that wants your energy.

The Tao always wants to make sure that you are creating a Yang body that has enough condensed energy.

So the DMT is sacred, we call death. The DMT used to be called death. But in the Tao we don’t talk about death, we talk about separation.

RF: You call the pineal gland the second sexual organ.

MC: Yes, because when we have orgasm in the sexual organs, and the pineal gland is the opposite. If you are male, your sexual organ is male, and the pineal gland becomes a female organ.
The whole key in this work, in the spiritual work is having sex. You say, I want the re-union with God. You want have sex with God.

RF: So, a lot of people think control is not a such good thing, but I think control is very important in any spiritual path and you have refined very much how to control ejaculation and how to control with the contraction not to ejaculate but have an orgasm and even have a brain orgasm.

MC: So the whole key is not not ejaculating. The whole key is transforming the sexual energy. So orgasm and ejaculation are two different things.

Make love and you have a lot of orgasms without ejaculation, bring it into the organs. And now the organs receive this orgasm.

RF: So you could have orgasm in an organ? You can have an orgasm in the brain, right?

MC: Yes, and there is a key.

The DNA renewal need arousal, orgasm, love and compation energy.

RF: Could you actually explain to our listeners, especially the male listeners, how can they start to control their arousal and their ejaculation? How do we start with that?

MC: The whole key is that they have to understand that orgasm, everybody needs it. Every single living thing needs it. All the animals they need it because it is a cycle of having baby. Man is different. Man is always producing sperm in order to get ready when the lady gets the egg mature and coming down, and “Bang”, they only have 24 hours, that’s all. They get the lady pregnant.

So the nature doesn´t know when the lady gets ready, so it always gives to men a lot of ready energy to have sex.

Thats why the Tao has the formula e=mc2, long time ago.

You have the sperm and you have the fire. And that we call, the speed of light.

The light, we call the alchemy fire. Light, in the Universe, we call it the holy fire.

RF: So the practice is like if someone here listens that, then says: wow, I can have an orgasm but I don’t have to ejaculate. How do I go there? Do you have any first info?

MC: The thing is that you have to train. Because it is so simple to say in one word: have orgasm without ejaculation. But how to do it, and technology, that is the key.
So you have a practice. The practice is the first thing you have to understand.

So, material into immaterial energy. And that is Chi energy.

RF: How does Tao deal with music, or rhythm or sound? Is there some practice in that?

MC: Yes, we have the Tao of music. I think there is so much in China. I’m not an expert in that.

But we use a chanting, we use the Pakua. The I Ching Pakua.

Yin Yang, Yin Yang and kua and the eight forces chanting. Chanting like singing. And they have a tone.

Every organ, the Universe, the material, everything has a tone, has a frequency. And has a music frequency.

And every music frequency we now it, is effecting us. This music is for your heart, this music is for the liver, this music for the kidney, this music for this. So they are very emphasizing in that.

RF: So you said, when you activate the two eyes and the third eye together, you have primordial force. You can connect to…

MC: The whole key is that, the Tao says, the left eye is the sun, the right eye is the moon, and the third, middle, is the star.

So we have got two luminances in the sky, that can capture light. Thats all.

You have to make sure the light is very fast. The light is very fast. It is faster than everything.

But our thoughts and mind when you train are faster than light.

So when you practice in the dark room I guide you to practice to see light.

RF: Is the pineal gland responsible for the brain orgasm?

MC: Yes.

RF: And it is connected to the third eye aswell, right?

MC: Yes, because the pineal gland we call the gland of Yin Yang. There is a whole process.

Capturing the light, fixing the light inside you is another thing. Mixing the light with another alchemy is another thing. But there is a whole inner alchemy practice.

RF: Because in music the space is a very big thing, you know. People mostly think about the events but what makes it really groove is the space in between and in the emptiness there is everything so if you are going really deep in music you are always dealing with space. So, what´s the connection between space and light?

MC: You know there is what we call the true sound.

So the first step is that you have to train yourself to capture the sound. In the Universe of sound, we call the true sound. And the Universe has sounds, but we don’t hear them. The Earth is producing very noisy sounds, but the stars are too high frequency, you cannot hear that.

But the frequency of all the stars, all the planets moving is so loud. Ok? But our physical ear cannot hear it.

So, the first thing is, that you have to opening your ear, the throat and the mid eyebrow and capture the sound to the eardrum and the ear canal.

The true sound activates your heartbeat. Makes your brain active and move and thinking. And there is the true sound. With no true sound nothing moves. With no sound nothing can move. And they even have love songs of the DNA, love songs of the cell. When they make love, they make sound. And the true sound is different from the normal sound.

RF: How do you guide someone to capture sound? The true sound.

MC: The first step is, you have to be quiet and train inwards. We have to be, first thing, the Tan Tien. The Tan Tien has to have enough Chi and power.

And when you have enough energy, you extend your ear out, and now you have to separate normal sound and the true sound. The true sound is too high, unless you have enough Chi to capture it. And you have to distinguish the ordinary sound with the true sound.

RF: The you are connected with the whole universe with that in a way…

MC: Yes.

RF: Thank you so much for coming on and giving us all this precious things. I hope I can have you many time more on. There is so much to talk about.

MC: Yes, the people if they are interested they can go to, thats all.

RF: When they actually want to connect you, I mean, if I just put in Mantak Chia.


RF: I get a millon of results, you know.

MC: You just type and now it is connectig to everything.

To the teaching, to the online, to the book, to the videos, to everything. Information, everything.

RF: It is a real honor that you where here.

MC: Thank you

RF: I hope we see many times again and I wish you all the best and thank you for your teaching so much. Thank you.

MC: I hope it is good now. … you made it happen.

RF: Thank you so much.

MC: Ok, thank you.

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