Megadrums the power of rhythm podcast

Experience for yourself, that “World Language Rhythm” really exists.

With this solo-cast I invite you to listen to the music of “MegaDrums”. Some of the best drummers of our time join forces in this unique group, that I founded in 1985:

Zakir Hussain, Glen Velez, Airto Moreira, Milton Cardona and Leonard Eto, among others.

Shifting from predetermination to spontaneity is an important characteristic of the MegaDrums concept, giving the project both musical constancy and a wealth of innovation; allowing the space for each musician to introduce their own personality. 



“Rhythm is one thing that you can never escape from, and the one thing that we all share. It’s a solid ground for our world language.” – Reinhard Flatischler – 

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Thanks, Reinhard


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