Learning is the essence of life


The development from unicellular to the more complex living things also happened via an uninterrupted learning process, such as the development from a ‘normal’ person to a ‘top performer’. Or simply the development from being a depressed person to one who has mastered his life, fulfilling it for himself and others. Learning is simply the best game in town yet the current school system manages to take away the fascination from too many students. Why? The answer is simple: Learning is fascinating only if it involves learning for life. That’s exactly what TaKeTiNa does, because it uses rhythm as a moving force of discovery, understanding and mastery.

When Rudolf Steiner was asked by a pupil what life really was, Steiner gave a remarkable answer, he said: “Study rhythm – rhythm is the basis of life!” In this sense, TaKeTiNa goes one step further. TaKeTiNa makes it possible to experience rhythm as an essential part of our human intelligence. Every human being – no matter how unrhythmical they may think they are, has an innate ‘basic rhythmic knowledge’. However, this is accessible only when stimulated. TaKeTiNa accomplishes this by dissolving mental states that prevent us from coming into direct contact with rhythm. The TaKeTiNa rhythm pedagogy gives something to the learner by first taking something away from him: the obstruction or blockade which causes him to be separated from the rhythmic flow.

Rhythmic musical learning with TaKeTiNa also has far-reaching effects on daily life: it develops intuition, the essential compass for the complex life of our time, through targeted exercises. The interaction of rhythmic chaos and order phases develops flexibility and builds mental, emotional and physical resilience. The stimulation of cardiac rhythm variability has been proven to promote cardiovascular health and calm the nervous system. Working simultaneously on several different rhythmic levels stimulates concentration and receptivity that is difficult to achieve. Years of scientific research with a team of doctors and scientists have verified the effects.

Over the last 20 years, the TaKeTiNa Institute for Rhythm Education and Rhythm Research has established numerous learning formats in various fields: from training for musicians, dancers and actors in renowned institutes such as the Vienna Conservatory, the Falkenberg School Munich, the Beijing Dance Academy or the Auckland Choral Society, to drum and percussion training, which are trend-setting for many young musicians. In cooperation with ZIST and other international organisers, Reinhard Flatischler and his team regularly offer ‘trainings for TaKeTiNa rhythm teachers’.

The current training for TaKeTiNa rhythm teaching was also organised by ZIST and will end in September 2018. The prospective TaKeTiNa teachers will lead workshops in which you can participate free of charge. They start on Wednesday, 19.9.2018 and go on until Monday, 8.10.2018. Register with ZIST : +49 8856 93690; anmeldung@zist.de

The upcoming training course will start in April 2019. Find out how exciting and effective this training course is.
We look forward to welcoming you to ‘TaKeTiNa Educators Worldwide’.


This is what participants of TaKeTiNa training say:

“The training as a TaKeTiNa rhythm pedagogue shows me how the change of polarities in the individual measure of time leads into one’s own equilibrium.”
“The TaKeTiNa rhythm pedagogy is a fine school of life, which at the same time conveys solid musical craftsmanship.”
“TaKeTiNa allows so much freedom and self-determination. Very intense and authentic “.
“TaKeTiNa pedagogy is also very helpful for instrumental playing. A lot is easier with TaKeTiNa “.