a arte de envelhecer

Balance, rejuvenation and wisdom through rhythm – a unique programme that helps you to discover that aging is a privilege.

We live in a time in which the mainstream is obsessed with “youth culture”. It’s a clever move. Industries strive to sell evermore goods for babies, toddlers, children and teenagers and in doing so train them to be consumers when they grow up. Aging on the contrary is seen as something negative, something one should be afraid of and the opportunity to enjoy the harvest of our live experiences isn’t promoted. Someone who has lived a fulfilling and exciting life for sixty years possesses incredible life experiences. In order to enjoy and share this inner richness, a strong and resilient body as well as a sharp and creative mind is needed.

This programme will help you to develop:

  • Deep mind, body and emotional balancing
  • Relaxation techniques which can aid rejuvenation
  • Better physical health through stimulation of Vagotonal States (see research section)
  • Simultaneous peripheral and focussed vision training, to further help with balance
  • Endurance and concentration training
  • The elderly community from a new angle