Rhythm Leadership Alliance

The Rhythm Leadership Alliance is one of today’s most ground-breaking rhythm-oriented collaborations in the world, intended to use rhythm in its infinite facets and layers, by giving unlimited leadership tools, to empower human potential and modern society.

Rhythm Leadership Alliance has been founded by Reinhard Flatischler and Tupac Mantilla, two highly influential figures in the world of music, performance, coaching, therapy and meditation. Flatischler crafted TaKeTiNa and the “Power of Rhythm” projects for over four decades, Grammy award nominee percussionist Tupac Mantilla is the founder of one of the largest global percussion network platforms “PERCUACTION”. Both have profound experience in working with groups of all sizes and focussed their coaching approach on building authentic and brilliant leadership.

Partner companies from the music and health industry include brands such as “REMO” and “Autonom Health” which are constantly supporting the endeavours of the Rhythm Leadership Alliance, that after successful conventions in Colombia and Panama, will have Reinhard and Tupac introducing their Rhythm Leadership approach to China in November 2017.

Among other well-known companies, their work include constant appearances and events for BMW, IBM, Junglewood, Daimler, Federal Employment Agency Germany, Ministry of International Affairs in Colombia and Supercomputing AG.