High End Performance

This unique training has been created for individuals and groups who need to excel. From car racing to extreme sports, from managing complex enterprises to high end performance in dance, theatre or music, TaKeTiNa provides some of the most important skills and mental qualities needed to up your game:

  • Develop “simultaneous perception” – relaxed multitasking times two!
  • Use of “effective failing towards success” as a way of losing the fear of making mistakes
  • Intuition boosting
  • How to get into the “zone” at any given moment
  • Find the rhythmic flow in anything you do
  • How to merge polarities, such as being active/passive, alert/relaxed at the same time
  • Build an infinite memory
  • Develop mastery in inner visualisation

Being a leader also means: never stop learning! Reinhard Flatischler taking spiritual, mental, emotional and physical evolution to the next level by training with Commander Mark Divine, nine years active NavySeal and eleven years Reserve Seal Commander, founder of Sealfit – a man who rocks the world with his “Unbeatable Mind” and “Kokoro Yoga” approach.