Art of Aging

Balance, rejuvenation and wisdom through rhythm – a unique programme that helps you to discover that aging is a privilege.

Aging is usually not seen as desirable or attractive. In fact many are afraid of transitioning into a time, in which mental and physical strength are about to decrease. But does it really have to be like this? Could aging not be the harvest of your life? It can indeed be a time in which you can enjoy the richness of your life experience in full power! 
This is the idea behind the newly developed program „Art of Aging“. It is crafted for everyone between 40 and 80 who wants to learn to stay healthy, resilient, curious and inspired after the midlife point. The TaKeTiNa practices used will help to achieve balance, resilience, vitality and deep relaxation. Practical experiences will be supplemented with inspirational presentation and home exercises.
The Art of Aging can help you to: 
  • develop deep relaxation on a physical, mental and emotional level.
  • increase physical health through stimulation of Vagotonal states (→ Research).
  • heal psychosomatic conditions such as vertigo, arrhythmia, tinnitus or chronic axiety.
  • find a deep rooted physical balance together with an increase in flexibility.
  • improve peripheral and focussed vision.
  • improve the ability to concentrate and process information. 
  • experience your age from a new perspective.        
This program is organized and hosted by Akademie Heiligenfeld, lead by Reinhard Flatischer and co-lead by Frank Rihm.
It comprises four sets of four days and will start in 2021.
1. Set: January 21st – January 24th 2021
2. Set: April 22nd – April 25th 2021
3. Set: July 1st – July 4th 2021
4. Set: tba
We are happy to assist, if you are interested in this course.
Please mail to or call Akademie Heiligenfeld: 
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Tel.: +49 971 84-3051