Art of Aging

Balance, rejuvenation and wisdom through rhythm – a unique program that helps you to discover, that aging is a privilege. In order to enjoy and share this inner richness, experience how the power of rhythm supports you on this path.

Celebration Meditation

Celebration and Meditation are the two columns that bring about deep inner evolution over the change of the years. As the enthusiasm for Celebration-Mediation grows, “rhythm marathons” will be offered in various locations with intense nature surrounding them.​

High End Performance

This unique training has been created for individuals and groups who need to excel. From car racing to extreme sports, from managing complex enterprises to high end performance in dance, theatre or music, TaKeTiNa provides some of the most important skills and mental qualities needed to up your game.

Rhythm Leadership Alliance

Reinhard Flatischler and Tupac Mantilla, two highly influential figures in the world of music, performance, coaching, therapy and meditation. Both have profound experience in working with groups and focussed their coaching approach on building authentic and brilliant leadership.