Lutz Engelke, Exhibition Organiser and Stage Designer, CEO, Triad Berlin

“TaKeTiNa starts with a gentle gong and ends with an intense drum beat for the soul. TaKeTiNa is powerful. It is a method that triggers systemic processes, a method that enables teams to experience themselves as teams and allows them to obtain new impulses for organisational action under the aspects of “experiencing limits” and “transcending limits.”

Airto Moreira, Master Percussionist (collaborator with Miles Davis, Chick Corea)

“Reinhard Flatischler is not only an incredible educator and healer — he is also a great musician and a spiritual leader. I am honoured to be part of his work.”

Prof. W. Hasitschka, Rector of the Music University in Vienna

“TaKeTiNa makes a valuable contribution to our curriculum. It is always met with enthusiasm by our students and professors.”

Prof. A. Hauser, Institute for Physical Education and Music Therapy, University of Music and the Performing Arts, Vienna

“TaKeTiNa provides joyful and exciting access to rhythm for musician, dancers, and music therapists alike. With TaKeTiNa, complex rhythms become really simple!”

Deva Premal & Miten, spiritual singers and songwriters

“We find TaKeTiNa to be powerful, playful, earthy, and yet transcendent – very inspiring!”

Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik, Malik Management Center, St. Gallen

“The TaKeTiNa process helps us to understand complex systems and their dynamics in a creative way. It provides an efficient foundation for managing the important questions of our time.”

Dr. Gerhard Müller-Schwefe, Chairman, German Pain Association (DGS)

“TaKeTiNa definitely provides healing, especially for people suffering from psychosomatic illnesses. In the pain therapy project held in Göppingen, Germany, TaKeTiNa helped our patients greatly. It enabled them to reduce their pain medication and improved their methods of dealing with pain.”

Dr. Michael A. Überall, Director, Institute for Neurological Science, Nuremberg

“TaKeTiNa is a work of art and its creators Cornelia and Reinhard Flatischler are unique artists. Those with eyes and minds that are open enough to experience what TaKeTiNa can do recognise that TaKeTiNa is the result of a creative innovation process that in itself is the actual work of art.”

Prof. Dr. Ralph Spintge, Chairman of the International Society for Music in Medicine

“TaKeTiNa bridges the gap between music and medicine. Flatischler’s workshops and lectures have proved this many times at various symposia organised by the International Society for Music in Medicine.”

Prof. Dr. Rolf Verres, University Heidelberg

“TaKeTiNa really has enriched my personal life. The joy of playing and discovering rhythm is always followed by immediate results. TaKeTiNa is a fascinating process based on an incredible amount of life experience.”

Dr. Klaus-Felix Laczika, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Vienna Medical School, Austria

“TaKeTiNa is able to generate repeatedly and predictably ideal states for the nervous system and for the body’s many biorhythms – this has been proven by the research studies I am involved in as a physician.”

Simone Angress-Pletsch (Fuehrungsakademie, Bundesagentur fuer Arbeit)

“Reinhard Flatischler warmly invites you to travel with him on a journey to find and experiment with our inherent, deep inner rhythms. TaKeTiNa can bring very different people together whether they have a sense of rhythm or not as it’s a method for connecting with their energies to release the fire within.”