Drumming Together

The Project

Drumming Together is the chamber music format amongst all the other Power of Rhythm Concert projects. Two or three musicians immersed in intense, yet intimate musical connection, sometimes in direct interaction with the audience while composition and improvisation are in perfect balance in the music of this collaboration. Drumming Together provides a perfect platform for active rhythmic interactions with large audiences. Interactive Drumming Together events have been presented at numerous festivals worldwide such as the Uplift Festival in Byron Bay, at the Convention organised by Akademie Heiligenfeld, at the ATP convention in California, all with several thousand people attending.

Drummers from all continents have been involved in Drumming Together projects. From frame-drum masters like Glen Velez, and exceptional violinist such as Paul Giger, to Ghanas “Mr. Talking-drum“ Aja Addy and Australian female drum-power Tania Bosak. The newest collaboration connects Reinhard Flatischler and Tupac Mantilla, who without a doubt belong to the select group of artists and percussionists that are internationally recognised, by the media and the audience alike, in both the classical and world music scene. Their musical work has taken them around the globe to perform for audiences on world-class stages and festivals including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Montreux Jazz Festival, Alte Opera Frankfurt, to name just a few.

But it was only until very recently that their successful paths and careers encountered, which brought forward a new concept and style for a drumming-duo performance. Together, from now on, Mr. Flatischler and Mr. Mantilla will drum in diverse setups and contexts, reaching out to the world through a powerful, exciting and rooted duo combination never before witnessed.