Corporate Trainings

TaKeTiNa for companies

Over the past 15 years, the following companies have invited Reinhard Flatischler to offer their employees the TaKeTiNa training.

– Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg
– HRblue AG, Baldham
– BMW AG, Munich
– Daimler AG, Stuttgart
– Stadtwerke Dusseldorf AG

You will be able to increase the creativity and the potential of your employees with TaKeTiNa. For more information and inquiries please contact us at the following e-mail address: [email protected]

For management and corporate customers

TaKeTiNa strengthens the mind and the perception: The simultaneous realization of different rhythms in the body allows the development of simultaneous perception. This speeds up the retrieving and processing of information. TaKeTiNa helps to keep a clear head even in chaotic situations and makes the parallel processing of several projects easier. Maybe TaKeTiNa could also help you and your employees …

  • Efficient and creative to deal with chaotic phases
  • To reduce the fear of mistakes
  • To act flexibly and coherently
  • Prevent burn-outs

TaKeTiNa is a unique group process. It enables a healthy and performance-oriented work by increasing creativity and giving both mental and physical strength. The stress is reduced, which makes a calm and clear way of thinking possible.