“TaKeTiNa – a new paradigm of learning”, Peking

Leaders: Reinhard Flatischler
Begin: November 16th 2018
End: November 18th 2018
City: Peking, China
Organiser: Yingwen Chen, Eurovista Arts Promotion Co.Ltd.
Contact: [email protected]

TaKeTiNa Workshop Mullumbimby

Leaders: R.Flatischler, Tania Bosak
Begin: November 23rd 2018
End: November 25th 2018
City: Mullumbimby
Location: St John's Hall 11 Murwullumbah Road
Organiser: Pulserhythm
Contact: [email protected]

TaKeTiNa Workshop Sao Paulo

Leaders: Reinhard Flatischler, Gustavo Gitti
Begin: November 30th 2018
End: December 2nd 2018
City: Sao Paulo, BRASILIEN
Location: tba.
Organiser: Gustavo Gitti
Contact: [email protected]

TaKeTiNa Rhythm New Year’s Celebration-Meditation

Leaders: Reinhard Flatischler, Tupac Mantilla, Anna-Maria Weber
Begin: December 30th 2018
End: January 3rd 2019
City: Penzberg
Location: ZIST
Organiser: ZIST
Contact: [email protected]

After the success of CELEBRATION MEDITATION over many years now, we are changing gears this year, even intensifying the existing format. We will guide you into different „spaces“ in which you will be able to encounter yourself and eventually other participants from very different perspectives.

Musicians will be working there together on this: flutist and TaKeTiNa Teacher Anna-Maria Weber, world famous percussionist Tupac Mantilla and TaKeTiNa founder Reinhard Flatischler. You will come in contact with new forms of sound experiences with gongs and flute over a long period of time – meditation in its most intimate form. And you will be brought back into activity with new TaKeTiNa journeys and Tupac’s Bodypercussion. Getting out of thinking into sensing, listening, moving, singing and being.

In addition to a great New Year’s Eve menu, you can dance to samba and salsa rhythms, or welcome the New Year with a glass of champagne. Don’t miss out on this very special event – it has the potential to transport you to new insights and visions.

It is also a great preparation for the monumental TaKeTiNa event coming up in the change of the year 2019/2020 – entering into the celebration of half a century of TaKeTiNa. The Founder of Kokoro Yoga, Mark Divine, will join our team for that. 

TaKeTiNa Workshop University of Music Vienna

Leaders: Reinhard Flatischler
Begin: February 12th 2019
End: February 14th 2019
City: Vienna, AUSTRIA
Location: University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
Organiser: Institut für Musik- und Bewegungspädagogik/ Rhythmik sowie Musikphysiologie
Contact: [email protected]

Introduction Workshop Murnau (near Munich)

Leaders: Reinhard Flatischler
Begin: April 11th 2019
End: April 14th 2019
City: Murnau
Location: Kultur- und Tagungszentrum Murnau
Organiser: ZIST
Contact: [email protected]

TaKeTiNa Workshop Penzberg (Munich)

Leaders: Reinhard Flatischler, Tania Bosak
Begin: May 8th 2019
End: May 12th 2019
City: Penzberg (near Munich), GERMANY
Location: ZIST
Organiser: ZIST
Contact: [email protected]

TaKeTiNa Workshop Frankfurt

Leaders: Reinhard Flatischler, Tania Bosak
Begin: June 8th 2019
End: June 10th 2019
City: Frankfurt, GERMANY
Location: Bikuz
Organiser: Frankfurter Ring
Contact: [email protected]