TaKeTiNa Workshop “TaKeTiNa for Sealfit”

Leaders: R.Flatischler, Noah Thorp
Begin: August 26th 2017
End: August 27th 2017
City: Encinitas (CA), USA
Location: Sealfit, Encinitas
Organiser: Sealfit
Contact: sup[email protected]

Ex-Navy Seal Commander Mark Divine of Sealfit in California invites Reinhard Flatischler to offer a 20 hours TaKeTiNa challenge for his Sealfit team in Encinitas. This workshop will be for Sealfit members only.

TaKeTiNa Workshop “The Power Of Rhythm”

Leaders: R.Flatischler, Tania Bosak
Begin: November 3rd 2017
End: November 5th 2017
City: Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Location: Maroubra Club Main Hall, Sydney
Organiser: Pulse Rhythm
Contact: [email protected]

Rhythm is polarity in motion and thereby offers an incredible potential to synergistically combine tension and relaxation. The Power Of Rhythm can help us grow, overcome our everyday tensions and open us to the flow of life. In learning this, our minds become resilient and calm so that we can deal with extreme situations, remaining present and yet active. We invite you to participate in our workshop to experience for yourself the healing power of rhythm.

TaKeTiNa Workshop “Introduction Workshop”

Leaders: R.Flatischler, Tupac Mantilla
Begin: November 24th 2017
End: November 26th 2017
City: Beijing, CHINA
Organiser: Yingwen Chen, Eurovista Arts Promotion Co.Ltd.
Contact: [email protected]

TaKeTiNa goes to China! This TaKeTiNa introduction workshop is held in Beijing and is aimed at beginners as well as professional musicians.

TaKeTiNa New Year’s – Celebration-Meditation

Leaders: R.Flatischler, Tania Bosak
Begin: December 30th 2017
End: January 3rd 2018
City: Penzberg (near Munich), GERMANY
Location: ZIST, Penzberg
Organiser: ZIST
Contact: [email protected]

We invite you to a unique event to uplift your body, mind and spirit and to welcome the change of the year.
ZISTs annual Sylvester and New Year celebration event with Reinhard Flatischler and Tania Bosak and their international team will guide you into drum journeys, live performances, dance celebrations and a 24 hour TaKeTiNa journey. Immerse yourself in ecstatic dancing to house, trance and hip-hop rhythms merged with live percussion such as Taiko, Tschanggo, Timbales. A unique experience created for you by Reinhard Flatischler and Tania Bosak.
You will also be treated with exquisite meals, champagne and gourmet snacks. At midnight you will be guided through a fire ceremony to internally burn away old layers and get ready for the life you are envisioning.
Places are limited so be sure to secure your place by booking early.

Course languages English and German.

TaKeTiNa Workshop Vienna

Leaders: R.Flatischler; Katharina Loibner
Begin: February 1st 2018
End: February 3rd 2018
City: Vienna, AUSTRIA
Location: University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
Organiser: Institut für Musik- und Bewegungspädagogik/ Rhythmik sowie Musikphysiologie
Contact: [email protected]

TaKeTiNa workshop Sao Paulo

Leaders: R.Flatischler, Gustavo Gitti
Begin: February 23rd 2018
End: February 25th 2018
City: Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Location: tba.
Organiser: Gustavo Gitti
Contact: [email protected]

TaKeTiNa workshop Buenos Aires

Leaders: R.Flatischler, Be Ward
Begin: March 2nd 2018
End: March 4th 2018
City: Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Location: tba.
Organiser: Be Ward
Contact: [email protected]

TaKeTiNa workshop Melbourne

Leaders: TaKeTiNa workshop Melbourne
Begin: March 9th 2018
End: March 11th 2018
City: Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Location: tba.
Organiser: Pulse Rhythm
Contact: [email protected]

TaKeTiNa workshop Frankfurt

Leaders: R.Flatischler, Tania Bosak
Begin: May 19th 2018
End: May 21st 2018
City: Frankfurt, GERMANY
Location: Bikuz
Organiser: Frankfurter Ring
Contact: [email protected]

TaKeTiNa workshop Starnberg (Munich)

Leaders: R.Flatischler, Tania Bosak
Begin: May 24th 2018
End: May 27th 2018
City: Starnberg (near Munich), GERMANY
Location: Schlossberghalle
Organiser: ZIST
Contact: [email protected]