The Space Experience

Pressure and space – what a strange dichotomy When Auckland Choral Society – one of the most well-known choirs in the southern hemisphere – contacted me about the commission for composing a second orchestral suite after „Waves upon Waves“, the title „Space beyond Space” popped up immediately. Little did I know back then that this...


Exploring Space and Welcome to the TaKeTiNa Blog

Hi and welcome to my „power of rhythm“ blog. Thank you for joining! I am passionate to share with you the endless possibilities of how rhythm and life are interconnected and how we can use rhythm as a tool for inner development and self-mastery so we can be in service to other fellow humans. Each...


TaKeTiNa & Kokoro Yoga

TaKeTiNa & Kokoro Yoga – forging an unbeatable and peaceful mind   As I am flying back from my training course with Mark Divine and his crew in Encinitas, California, a big smile is on my face and a deep peace in my mind. I trained with Mark privately last summer and enrolled this year...